Minutes22 - Quote of the Week “You may have a fresh start...

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Unformatted text preview: Quote of the Week: “You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down” –Mary Pickford Associated Students of Saint Louis University Student Government Association 38 th General Assembly Meeting No. 022-11 March 30 th , 2011 Agenda I. Call to Order II. Opening Prayer III. Roll Call IV. Approval of the Minutes V. Approval of the Agenda VI. Open Forum a. GIC is accepting application, gic.edu b. Atlas week is next week, Knights room in Pias next week at 1pm, day unknown c. Friday in the quad, the safty and security committee is DPSSS appreciation day d. A walk in your shoes, look at the full list on facebook for tons of events e. Next week is national public health week, this Saturday is a first ever 5K run at Chaifez arena f. Human Experience film, Senator g. First ever art show week of April 12 th h. Tomorrow is the last day to buy tickets for Russo’s dinner, ticket if $5, buy them in the BSC i. Spring Formal, RHA, Friday April 8 th in west pine gym, tickets is $3 per person or $5 for couples j. Homeless awareness week is this week, go to the events this week k. This week is Greek Week, Friday is Greek-a-palooza, at 6pm in Westpine gym Friday night l. Style your sole event, at 5:30, location TBA m. Billiken bus in is this Sunday and Monday, 500 incoming freshmen, make them feel wel- come n. Hoops for Haiti, students won, it was this past Saturday, and they raised about $1300 o. Nominate professors for faculty excellence awards p. Tonight is extra credit for Spanish q. Third world to the world bank, Tuesday April 5 th at 3pm r. Saturday April 9 th , tickets are on sale during April 4 th Acapella concert s. Acapella concert april 15 th t. Town Hall is next Tuesday 5-7pm u. Give kids a smile, 5-9pm tonight VII. Special Business a. Lisa Israel, Director of Academic Advising Support & Brett Magill, Director of In- stitutional Research & Data Integrity Special Business Presentation i. In 2006, the academic advising committee partnered with SGA to get feedback on how the advising model was doing at that time. After a lot of feedback and 3½ years, it is time assess how the changes are going. There will be a survey go- ing to all students asking questions about how current advisors are doing, what they are doing, are students getting referrals, etc. All students are being advised, but some are not taking full advantage of everything they can from their academ- ic advisor. Every undergraduate student will be getting a link on Tuesday, April 5 th . The survey will take about 10-15 minutes to complete, and students who complete the survey will be entered in a drawing for a new iPad 2. After the data is compiled, it will be assed and how advising will go next year....
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Minutes22 - Quote of the Week “You may have a fresh start...

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