Minutes20 - Quote of the Week"Arise awake and stop not till...

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Quote of the Week: “Arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached.”    -Swami Vivekananda Associated Students of Saint Louis University Student Government Association 38 th General Assembly Meeting No. 020-11 March 9 th , 2011 Agenda I. Call to Order II. Opening Prayer III. Roll Call IV. Approval of the Minutes Black – In open forum – add point of from the Election Commission of the finances from the campaign reports and the number of voters V. Approval of the Agenda Approved VI. Open Forum: squash club(Senator Garcia Lorca: trying to bring a squash club to SLU), TOMS Shoes(Senator Sondag: taking orders for TOMS tomorrow and Friday 11-2 in BSC), John Cook is coming (Senator Sondag: Mr. Cook will be speaking March 28 th at 5pm in AB Auditorium in John Cook School of Business), Education Week(Senator J. Meiners: Waiting for Superman Monday, Local Education Speakers Tuesday, Michelle Rhee Wednesday, SUFA about their school in Ghana Thursday), Dean Open Forum(Vice-President Becherer: last one is tomorrow at 1-1:45 in Law School, after there will be a meeting for those who par- ticipated in the search in order to send a letter on our behalf to endorse a candidate), Opposi- tion to Bill 013-11(Senator Ameritus Laub gave a statement in opposition to the bill (SR) – 013-11 and handed out a “Frequently Asked Questions” sheet) VII. Special Business None VIII. Old Business a. (SR) – 013-11 Senator Grillot Resolution to voice opposition to Missouri House Bill No. 329, Missouri House Joint Resolution No. 14, Missouri Senate Joint Resolution No. 2, and Missouri Senate Bill No. 3 i. Intro from co-author Senator Grilliot: A lot of discussion has been had and a question has been brought forth, is this SGA’s role to take a stance on the nature of this bill? If you do not think this is SGA’s role then vote “No”. If you think your constituents would care about this bill, take the time to consider it and form an opinion. Co-author Thomas Bloom: It is important to have a discussion of SGA’s role and personally I think this is the role of SGA. Looking at the layout of voting on campus, if this bill passes you cannot vote on campus with a student ID or out of state license. This bill would call for a residential address to be listed on your driver license (not a mailbox address like in the BSC). 1,500 students who register to vote in the BSC would be not be able to anymore if this were to pass in the State. Also every year a student who
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moves to a different Res. Hall would have to re-register to vote, and other inconveni- ences like this. ii. Questions: Senator Meiners: Why is the state voter ID included in this bill? I realize the importance of the student ID but not the state ID. Senator Emeritus Laub: Mis- souri wants to acknowledge that they want to have a universal way of doing things. While out of state ID’s are also affected by this it would also effect the way you can
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Minutes20 - Quote of the Week"Arise awake and stop not till...

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