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Quote of the Week: “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” Socrates Associated Students of Saint Louis University Student Government Association 38 th General Assembly Meeting No. 011-11 November 10 th , 2010 Agenda I. Call to Order II. Opening Prayer III. Roll Call IV. Approval of the Minutes V. Approval of the Agenda VI. Open Forum a. Shao- Selling Raffle tickets in the BSC b. Rollins- BSA & ISG joint lecture in Xavier 220 tomorrow at 7pm. Also see him for si- lent library. c. SLU/FUSED- One world in survey. They’re trying to get students to share their story in undergraduate experience and/or in their general life. Shared a story of a transition at Duke University and SLU/FUSED is hoping to bring that same example in the story to SLU. See SLU/FUSED survey in the SGA mailer or see Jamie James for more informa- tion. d. Kpone- Nov. 13 th Tribe Agoni day of their escape from Africa and to the United States. She is hoping to share more information about the tribe, see her for more information. African Power has been moved to Saturday Nov. 20 th . e. Padolski- Sigma Pi Epsilon is selling pizza outside of Humpreys f. Keogh- Season opener for SLU basketball. g. Sondag- Panel in the Business School there will be a panel next Friday about anyone in- terested in becoming a Business school student. VII. Special Business a.Sergeant Pasquale Signorino Department of Public Safety and Security Services b. DPSSS is evolving into something it was not before. Rollin Corbington was a FBI agent is the new director of DPSSS and he is pushing to make DPSSS more open and visible on cam- pus. DPSSS is being proactive and by that means they are tackling safety concerns before they happen. An example of this is: “In order for an individual to commit a criminal act” There things: Ability- are they able to get what they need, desire- way to get what they want, and opportunity- DPSSS is able to take control of this point of the three and by doing so they are hopefully able to stop the crime from happening. SLU RIDE- Students are able to call and get from one point to any other point on campus or places within the vicinity of campus. The system cannot be abused because it is a use it or lose it type of system, according to Ser- geant Signorino. Director Corbington wants to make DPSSS a police department which will give them even more power to patrol the campus and they would also be able to receive grant money as well. They have bike officers, walking patrols, and vehicle patrols around campus
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24/7. One of the concerns for DPSSS is they are trying to change their uniform to further stand out. They have officers also looking into cars and they leave cards (baseball looking) that the officer will leave at the students car if that officer finds any valuable items in the car such as a laptop, GPS, or any other items. Students can also ask any DPSSS officer for a ride back to their dorm/apartment if it is really late at night or if the student feels unsafe. c.
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Minutes11 - Quote of the Week: "The way to gain a good...

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