Minutes8 - Quote of the Week: “I don’t sleep to sleep....

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Unformatted text preview: Quote of the Week: “I don’t sleep to sleep. I sleep to dream.” - Jerome Gene Franklin Associated Students of Saint Louis University Student Government Association 38 th General Assembly Meeting No. 008-11 October 13 th , 2010 Agenda I. Call to Order II. Opening Prayer III. Roll Call IV. Approval of the Minutes V. Approval of the Agenda a. Senator Black i. Motion to strike pass the gavel 1. APPROVED! b. Senator Rutledge i. Omnibus bills 011-026 1. APPROVED! VI. Open Forum a. Senator Mehler i. Keep quiet in the library b. Senator Rollins i. Donate clothes ii. Charity basket ball event, see him for details c. Senator Grilliot i. Formal Apologies 1. Apology to Senator Kapone 2. Apology about his tone on the debate of Korean Student Association ii. Senators should d. Senator Sondag i. Womens volleyball and Soccer this weekend ii. GO BILLS!!!! e. Senator Lorca i. Elevators are breaking down in Marchetti towers ii. Tell staff if there is a problem, don’t try to fix it yourself f. Vice President Vazquez i. Response to Senator Lorca 1. There is water on the bottom of the shaft, and it has been causing prob- lems g. Vice President Paetow i. Jokes VII. Special Business VIII. Old Business IX. New Business a. Motion to bring SB 027-11 to the floor Each member present introduced themselves. Mission statement is a group of like- minded individuals with the different intellectual backgrounds that work together to cre- ate value from the usage of innovation. What they do: Business consulting, product and service development, and competitions activities and culture. How will they be sustain- able? They have a wide array of freshmen through seniors presently in the club. If any- one has any other question, see the president or any other member of Biz-tech. They’re starting in John Cook school of business, but they are also reaching out to all the other schools. Funding : They will ask for some funding support, but the majority of their money is coming from competitions, consulting, and fundraisers. They’re mainly look- ing for more support and added value from fellow students who join the club. 1. Senator Peddada, can you elaborate on the consulting business? a. It depends on who is trying to find work, ie: freshmen, junior, etc. the club bases what companies they help based on the skills they have present through all the students. They also look at the cost it will take to help a certain company 2. Senator Rollins, what are your plans on reaching out to other schools within SLU? a. They put up posters advertising they have a wide array of reaching out to students because the club needs a variety of student majors involved from accounting, to English, to students in law school....
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Minutes8 - Quote of the Week: “I don’t sleep to sleep....

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