Minutes6 - Quote of the Week"The only way of finding the...

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Quote of the Week: “The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible” -Arthur C. Clarke Associated Students of Saint Louis University Student Government Association 38 th General Assembly Meeting No. 006-11 September 29 th , 2010 Agenda I. Call to Order II. Opening Prayer III. Roll Call IV. Approval of the Minutes V. Approval of the Agenda VI. Open Forum a. Senator Marinerz- Great issues committee- Summer reading Tuesday 7pm Upstairs ballroom of b. Senator Serpas – Halo collaboration - $10 talk with him c. Senator Padada – Quad at 7pm Sign up there or BSC d. Senator Grillot- Schedule of events on SLU website, Tiegler 200 – have speaker coming to campus and another also on Thursday @ 7pm. contact him for more info e. Senator Ryan- Bike sharing program- email or see him & Irish dance lesions next week multi purpose room in Rec FREE! f. Senator Sondag- Fall Festival is going on! g. President Avender- SGA BBQ tomorrow! VII. Special Business a. Ed Wickmann Update on Information Technology Services i. Over summer upgraded T-2 classrooms to T-3 (Tech. advanced on campus) classrooms. ii. Increased bandwidth prev. 250 Meg now 500 Meg iii. Not over summer, but after last years meeting. Opened BSC student service desk in basement of BSC. Staffed by student workers and one full time worker. EXTENDED HOURS now go until 11pm. 1. Have an X-box 2. Have software for sale i. b. Questions: iv. i. More technology, dvd capability, surround sound ii. 70-80% are T2 and 10-12% are T3 rest are T1 v. Senator Miners 1. Where are T1 i. Some in every building 2. Any plans for smart board? 3. Senator Arreola-Garcia- Any upgrades for Microsoft
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i. They’re currently working on lecture capture. Will have video of lecture incase a student missed class. 4. University News- Any student communication of facebook, twitter & name of new department? i. Yes, they are offered online $79.99 for office pack ii. Not really any connections yet iii. New dept. is Academic technology b. Senator Sharma- Is there a place to get help with IT i. Call 4000, if they cannot help you, they will refer you c. Munigala- Free software offered by other universities i. Microsoft is at a discount ii.
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Minutes6 - Quote of the Week"The only way of finding the...

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