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Biz Tech - Therefore let it be enacted that Biz Tech Club...

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Associated Students of Saint Louis University Student Government Association Senate Bill (SB) 031-10 November 10, 2010 Intent and Purpose: Bill to approve the allocation of New Charter Funding for Biz Tech Club. Whereas, Biz Tech Club was recently chartered under SGA, Whereas, it is a right of every newly Chartered Student Organization to submit a proposal for New Charter Funding if they are chartered after the annual funding process for a given school year, Whereas, New Charter Funding only applies to the remainder of the current school year, Whereas, Biz Tech Club submitted a New Charter Funding proposal, Whereas, the Biz Tech Club successfully completed a New Charter Funding hearing with the Finance Committee, Whereas, after deliberation and discussion, the Finance Committee finds sufficient need for New Charter Funding,
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Unformatted text preview: Therefore, let it be enacted that Biz Tech Club receives an allocation of $2,664.00 in New Charter Funding. Written and Submitted by: Tim Janczewski, Financial Vice President ____________________________________ Pauline Abi Jaoude, Arts and Sciences Senator Piera Blandon, Committee Representative Kale Kponee, Black Student Alliance Senator Krishi Peddada, Parks College Senator David Rollins, Black Student Alliance Senator Jonathan Serpas, John Cook School of Business Senator Jeff Tiedeman, John Cook School of Business Senator Joe Woster, First-Year Senator Pass Fail Vote Tally by Internal Affairs V.P. For Against Abstain voice vote Courtney Anvender, President ____________________________________ Murphy Vandenberg, Vice President of Internal Affairs ____________________________________...
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