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Paper reduction resolution

Paper reduction resolution - meetings so individual paper...

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Associated Student of Saint Louis University Student Government Association Senate Resolution (SR) – 006-11 October 27 th , 2010 Intent and Purpose: To reduce the amount of paper and money used by Student Government Association. Whereas, the Saint Louis Student Government Association is responsible for allocating money to student organizations, Whereas, the agendas used for each General Assembly meeting come from money taken out of the Student Government’s allocated funds, Whereas, the Student Government Association has the responsibility to reduce internal finances when deemed necessary, Whereas, one sheet of paper costs five cents, Whereas, in the October 13 th General Assembly meeting the agenda was 19 pages long and 62 were printed costing a total of $58.90, Whereas, 38 agendas were found in the trash after the meeting wasting a total of $36.10, Whereas, the agenda is sent out the night before the meetings and the agenda can be displayed upon the projector during the
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Unformatted text preview: meetings so individual paper copies are a waste of money Therefore, let the Chief of Staff and Executive Board determine the appropriate amount of agendas that will be printed for each meeting in order to save Student Government Association funding for other matters. Written and Submitted by: Dustin Paluch, Flats at 374 Senator ________________________________________ Co-Sponsored by: Tina Mozelewski, Commuter Senator _ ________________________________________ Jimmy Meiners, College of Arts & Sciences Senator ________________________________________ Pass Fail Vote Tally by Vice President of Internal Affairs For Against Abstain voice vote Courtney Anvender, President ________________________________________ Murphy Vandenburg, Vice President of Internal Affairs ________________________________________...
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