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seat_Election Commission - appointed: 1. Colin Shevlin,...

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Associated Student of Saint Louis University Student Government Association Senate Bill (SB) xxx – 10 November 17, 2010 Intent and Purpose: Bill to confirm and seat the 2010-11 SGA Election Commission. Whereas, the Bylaws state that the Election Commission shall “be comprised of the Commissioner and eight other Sovereign Members, who are not returning to the SSLU SGA” (IV:A,:3), Whereas, the Association has the power to seat an Election Commission to oversee a fair and impartial election, Whereas, the nominees listed hereunder have shown interest in the position and have met the requirements for membership, Whereas the Commissioner of the 2010 SGA Elections is confident in the nominees’ ability to remain fair and impartial throughout the Election process. Therefore, let it be enacted that the following individuals be allowed to begin the job to which they have been
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Unformatted text preview: appointed: 1. Colin Shevlin, College of Arts and Sciences 2. Kasia Sullivan, College of Arts and Sciences 3. Christie Koets, John Cook School of Business 4. Lyle Wilson, College of Arts and Sciences 5. David T. Black, John Cook School of Business 6. Hunter Hostettler, College of Arts and Sciences 7. Tina Mozelewski, College of Arts and Sciences 8. Anna Scardulla, College of Arts and Sciences Written and Submitted by: Chris McGeehan, Election Commissioner _______________________________________ ____Pass Fail. Vote Tally by Administrative V.P. For Against Abstain voice vote Courtney Anvender, President _______________________________________ Murphy Vandenberg, Vice President of Internal Affairs _______________________________________...
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