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Class Schedule CIS

Class Schedule CIS - Cyberspace and Society CIS 0835.014...

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Cyberspace and Society CIS 0835.014 Fall 2009 This schedule is subject to change throughout the semester. Changes will be communicated in class and through Blackboard. Tuesday, September 1st Technology –Introduction to Course, Computers and Digital Basics Assignment: Due Tuesday September 9 th : OLPC and the Digital Divide Lab: Creating a Blog on Blackboard Tuesday, September 8th Technology –Cell Phones and Cell Networks Ethics Discussion: One Laptop Per Child and the Digital Divide Course Project 1 Distributed: Debate/Wiki Quiz 1 – Tuesday September 15 th , Lecture Quiz on Chapter 1, Cell Phones and Cell Networks, PPT presentations and Class Notes Tuesday, September 15th Quiz 1 Technology – Telecommunications, Internet and WWW Lab: Set up for Dreamweaver Ethics – On-Line Dating or Social Networking Tuesday, September 22nd Ethics Discussion: Are Bloggers journalists? Should have all the attendant rights, privileges and protections Lab: Dreamweaver Lab 1 and Lab2 Tuesday, September 29th
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