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jeffrenyeGrading Guide - Formal Paper Grading Guide A: This...

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Formal Paper Grading Guide A: This paper is outstanding and distinctive. It meets the assignment with an engaging and insightful thesis. It develops original ideas with concise and lively language. It consistently and effectively mobilizes evidence in support of the argument and subarguments. If a research paper, it reflects thorough research in both primary and secondary sources, effectively integrates and explains all quotations, and argues from the evidence. It is focused, has a clear sense of purpose and a fluid, logical organization. It consistently addresses its audience. Paragraphs are well-developed and show coherence, unity (both as a unit and as part of the entire essay), and complex organization. Sentences are varied and carry sophisticated ideas using appropriate techniques of coordination and subordination. Words are fresh and well chosen. The paper contains few stylistic or mechanical errors. If any are present, they aren't distracting enough to undermine the paper's power. For papers with deadlines, the A paper fully meets all deadlines and requirements. B: This paper, like the A paper, goes beyond typical responses to the assignment. "Beyond typical" means that the writer has chosen and developed a topic insightfully with fresh and lively language. The topic is appropriate to the assignment and pitched in a way that engages the reader. The paper is well organized, developed, and supported by
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This note was uploaded on 05/02/2011 for the course ENGLISH 1002 taught by Professor White during the Spring '08 term at Temple.

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jeffrenyeGrading Guide - Formal Paper Grading Guide A: This...

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