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Educational Psychology Chapter 6 Notes!

Educational Psychology Chapter 6 Notes! - Morgan Brittiany...

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Morgan Brittiany Morse 1 Chapter 6 Motivation and Affect Contemporary Perspective of Motivation Self-Determination Theory Human beings have 3 basic needs 1. A need to be effective in dealing with the environment- competence 2. A need to control the course of their lives- autonomy. 3. A need to have close, affectionate relationship with others Self-worth Theory Martin Covington  Protecting one’s own sense of competence- that is, one’s sense of self-  worth- is a high priority for human beings. Be successful in daily activities. They believe that when learners suspect that they may fail at an  activity, they sometimes do things – procrastinating until the last  minute – they make failure even more likely. Self-handicapping decrease the probability of success, more  importantly it is a way that they justify their failure. This enables them  to maintain their self-worth.
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