Chapter 3 - Chapter 3: Congratulations! You are pregnant!...

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02/09/10 Chapter 3: Congratulations! You are pregnant! AKA Pregnancy, Birth, and the Newborn I. Prenatal Development Prenatal development – fertilized egg to newborn (i.e., entire pregnancy) o 38 weeks Three stages: o Period of zygote (1-2 weeks), Period of embryo (3-8 weeks), Period of fetus (9-38 weeks) II. Period of the Zygote Starts: egg fertilization; fertilized egg – zygote Rapid cell division (~every 12 hours) 4 days: blastocyst , which has about 100 cells and looks like a hollow ball 5 days: enters the uterus 6-14 days: implantation into the uterine wall Implantation – burrowing into the uterine wall and creating connections with the mother’s blood vessels. Germ disc – cluster of cells that develops into the baby Placenta – layers of cells closest to the uterus; structure that supports development and provides nutrients and waste exchange. Ends: with implantation into uterine wall III. Period of the Embryo Starts: complete implantation into uterine wall Development of body structures and internal organs Three layers of cells: o Ectoderm – outside layer; hair, skin, and nervous system o Mesoderm – middle layer; muscles, bones, and circulatory system
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o Endoderm – inner layer; digestive system and lungs Amniotic sad – baby’s home! Amniotic fluid
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Chapter 3 - Chapter 3: Congratulations! You are pregnant!...

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