Chapter 3 - Social Cognition

Chapter 3 - Social Cognition - Chapter 3 Social Cognition:...

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Chapter 3 – Social Cognition: How We Think about the Social World On Automatic Pilot: Low-Effort Thinking Social cognition – how people think about themselves and the social world, or more specifically, how people select, interpret, remember, and use social information to make judgments and decisions. Automatic thinking – thinking that is noncoconscious, unintentional, involuntary, and effortless. People as Everyday Theorists: Automatic Thinking with Schemas Schemas – mental structures people use to organize their knowledge about the social world around themes or subjects and that influence the information people notice, think about, and remember. Stereotypes – schemas that are applied to members of a social group, gender, or race. The more ambiguous our information is, then, the more we use schemas to fill in the blanks. Schemas also help people fill in the blanks when they are trying to remember things like a memory guide. Memory reconstructions tend to be consistent with people’s schemas. (remember things that didn’t happen) CARLI EXPERIMENT : Participants read a story about Barbara and Jack. After dating a while, they went to a ski lodge for the weekend. In one condition, Jack proposed to Barbara. In the other condition, Jack raped Barbara. Two weeks later, participants took a memory test where they read facts about them and determined whether they appeared in the story or not. In the first condition, people were likely to misremember details that were consistent with a proposal scheme, like Jack wanting Barbara to meet his parents and giving her a dozen
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Chapter 3 - Social Cognition - Chapter 3 Social Cognition:...

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