Lesson #10, Assignment #2 - Read the 'Business...

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Read the 'Business Problem-Solving Case' on pages 152-154 of your text, entitled "Amazon's Prepare a 500-600 word report for management that addresses the following issues: 1. How much data should Dirt Bikes collect on visitors to its Web site? What information could it discover by tracking visitors’ activities at its Web site? What value would this information provide the company? What are the privacy problems raised by collecting such data? I think the company should gather as much information as possible about the people who visit their web site. This way the company could identify what type of people view the site. Like: Are they customers or just people checking out the web site? In doing so, they would be able to determine what type of people the company attracts. They could start with a registration process, a form that the viewer has to fill out in order to be able to use the web site. This way they could gather general information, like: Customer name, address, phone number, city/state, email, age & gender. The gender can be used to determine what percentage of the viewers/buyers is male, and what percentage is female. The age can be used to determine what age group is the most likely candidate to purchase the company’s products. The name, and other info, can be used as a means of contacting them. They can also offer to send a Newsletter. The newsletter would show who is more interested in the company’s products, by who signed up to receive the letter. Then they can also add a loan application form, so that they may be able to obtain any financial information about the viewer. By gathering the viewers’ financial information the company
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Lesson #10, Assignment #2 - Read the 'Business...

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