Lesson #2, Assignment #3 - Dirt Bikes management wants to...

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Dirt Bikes’ management wants to be sure it is pursuing the right competitive strategy. You have been asked to perform a competitive analysis of the company using the Internet to find the information you need. Prepare a 500-600 word report that analyzes Dirt Bikes using the value chain and competitive forces models. Your report should include: 1. Which activities at Dirt Bikes create the most value? Dirt Bikes make its own frames, shaping them to give them the unique sprinted style for which the company is noted. Dirt Bikes uses the best custom parts available. Dirt Bikes produce four models of dirt bikes. All four types are very modern, with such technologies as: kick & electric 2. How do Dirt Bikes provide value to its customers? By attending major races, making the consumer more aware of our product. They could also sponsor both professional & amateur races. They can also have both, professional & amateur riders to endorse their products. Having the professional riders endorsing their product raises awareness; by allowing the amateur riders to endorse the products, shows that they care for the beginners as well as the big name riders. By them taking an active role in the dirt bike community, and sponsoring races that the enthusiast attends, shows that they value their customer support. They care about what they want. And that they value all of their costumers the same, rather they are veterans to the sport or new comers. 3. What other companies are Dirt Bikes’ major competitors? How do their products compare in price to those of Dirt Bikes? What are some of the product features they emphasize?
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Lesson #2, Assignment #3 - Dirt Bikes management wants to...

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