Lesson #3, Assignment #4 - Read the'Business...

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Read the 'Business Problem-Solving Case' on pages 185-186 of your text, entitled "Can HP Mine Success from an Enterprise Data Warehouse?" and address the case questions in an essay of 500- 600 total words: 1. Identify the problem described in this case. What people, organization, and technology factors were responsible for creating this problem? At one time HP had 5000 information system applications 85 computer centers Between 19,000 and 22,000 servers 17 different database technologies 14,000 different databases in use With all of that computing capacity the organization had these data-related problems: It couldn’t collect and analyze “consistent, timely data spanning different parts of the business Systems tracked sales data differently Commonly used financial information was calculated differently in different business units Compiling information from various systems could take up to a week Seemingly simple questions were difficult to answer Without a consistent view of the enterprise, senior executives struggled with decisions on matters such as the size of sales and service teams assigned to particular systems. Factors that were responsible for creating this problem include: People : As with most companies, HP experienced political turf issues. Not all departments want to depend on a central data warehouse supported by a centralized information systems staff for their data-analysis needs. HP’s departmental users initially resisted the idea of a central data warehouse. Many of them preferred smaller data marts configured to their particular needs. Organization : HP had too many different information system applications in too many computer centers. It had too many different database technologies and way too many different databases.
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As with most organizations, departments were allowed to create, manage and use their own databases without regard towards sharing the data with other departments—islands of
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Lesson #3, Assignment #4 - Read the'Business...

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