Lesson #4, Assignment #4 - Read the 'Business...

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Read the 'Business Problem-Solving Case' on pages 262-264 of your text, entitled "TXJ Companies' Credit Card Data Theft: The Worst Data Theft Ever?" and address the case questions in an essay of 500-600 total words: 1. List and describe the security control weaknesses at TJX Companies. The weaknesses of the security controls in the TJX Company followings are: Poorly secured computer kiosks. The computers of TJX’s retailer stores hadn’t good hardware and software security. And some kiosks also provide direct access to the company’s internal network. Hackers could have opened up the back of those computers and inserted USB drives install utility software that enabled them to turn the kiosks into remote terminals linked to TJX’s networks. And there has one good opportunity for Hackers that TJX had neglected to install another layer of security software it had purchased. Therefore, TJX firewalls weren’t set up to block malicious traffic coming from kiosks. TJX was using old WEP/Wired Equivalent Privacy/. It was relatively easy for hackers to crack.
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Lesson #4, Assignment #4 - Read the 'Business...

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