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This assignment is from pages 323-324 of your text: 1. How could Dirt Bikes benefit from e-commerce? Should it sell motorcycles or parts over the Web? Should it use its Web site primarily to advertise its products and services? Should it use the Web for customer service? Dirt Bikes can use E-Commerce as a medium for advertising and sales. With the exponential growth of internet sales increasing by more than 23% in 2007 to an estimated $180 billion, and more than 106 million people purchasing online; with the number of individuals online in the United States, predicted to expand from 147 million in 2004 to 160 million by 2007; and due to the fact that on an average day, 70 million people go online, 140 million send email, 5 million write on their blogs, and with the number of people who have purchased something online expanded to about 106 million, with additional millions shopping (gathering information) Dirt Bike’s products would definitely be recognized & advertised worldwide; increasing the company’s chances of selling their product. Yes, Dirt Bikes should sell motorcycles and parts over the Web. They could use the B2B E- Commerce. B2B is the use of the internet for business-to-business commerce. This way, they can allow other vendors to purchase their products to distribute throughout their business. This will allow Dirt Bikes to move more of their products across the world. They can also use the Web to sell their products to consumers (individuals); this would help to eliminate the mistake of a
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Lesson #8, Assignment #2 - This assignment is from pages...

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