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Lesson #10, Assignment #1 - Prepare a 500-600 word systems...

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Prepare a 500-600 word systems analysis report describing Dirt Bikes’ problem and a system solution that can be implemented using Microsoft Access. Your report should include the following: 1. Description of the problem and its organizational and business impact. Human Resources personnel are not easily able to discover which employees of Dirt Bikes USA have had additional company paid training. This degrades the company’s ability to promote from within the workforce. 2. Proposed solution and solution objectives. Modify existing employee database. Add a table to contain information concerning which employees have had company paid training, what they training was, and what date the training was completed. Add form to database to simplify data entry. Add query to database to allow easy lookup of training. Add report to database to ease listing of employees with additional training. 3. Information requirements to be addressed by the solution. Human Resources need to have the ability to access additional information from the employee
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