Priya Patel No's Assignment

Priya Patel No's Assignment - No I understand the traffic...

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Priya Patel Collecting No’s Assignment Part A: Request I Made Resp. My Reaction 1. Will you try the hottest wing sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings? No It may be spicy but it is worth the shot especially if you enjoy spicy food. 2. Will you help me babysit? No I wouldn’t ask if I really didn’t need the help babysitting three kids. 3. Will you drive me to the library? Yes Thank you, it is a far walk from my apartment. 4. Can I have another dog? No Please, I will pay for all of his expenses. 5. Do you want to watch the movie Roommate? No The reviews weren’t too bad for the movie. 6. Do you want to make me dinner? No I will be home late, I didn’t want to be hassled to make food when I get home. 7. Will you pick up the cake? Yes Thank you, the bakery is out of my way. 8. Can you help me solve this problem? Yes I appreciate it; I’m kind of confused with this homework. 9. Will you drive in New York City traffic?
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Unformatted text preview: No I understand the traffic can be very stressful at times. 10. Can I borrow your purse? No I know it is very expensive but I promise not to get it dirty. 11. Will you clean the bathroom? No It is your turn to clean the bathroom, I cleaned it for the past 2 weeks. 12. Can you sing another song? No You have an amazing voice, you should sing another song. 13. Can you iron my clothes? No I understand you are busy as well. 14. Will you massage my feet? No It is kind of silly to ask but my feet have been killing me all day. Part B: Second Request: Will you clean the bathroom? Second Response: Yes, sorry I know I havent cleaned the bathroom in a while, Ive just been very busy. Part C: What do I have to do for you to? Can you sing another song? Response: Only if you promise to get me a milkshake after....
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Priya Patel No's Assignment - No I understand the traffic...

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