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Priya Patel Extra Credit -Millgram Experiment

Priya Patel Extra Credit -Millgram Experiment - Priya Patel...

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Unformatted text preview: Priya Patel Extra Credit Opportunity Millgram’s Obedience Experiment In the 1960s, psychologist Stanley Millgram conducted many obedience experiments. The Millgram Obedience experiment drew the correlation between authority and obedience. Millgram was very interested in this correlation when the court proceedings for World War II Nazis began to take place and a defense used by one of the convicted was he was following orders when he killed Jews. Millgram gathered 40 men to participate in his experiment through newspaper ads. He created a fake shock generator that had shock levels of 30 volts and increased in 15 volt increments, reaching up to 450 volts. The switches were labeled “slight shock”, “moderate shock”, and “danger, severe shock”. All 40 participants were “teachers” who were the ones that would deliver a shock to the student who was simply an actor that pretended to be shocked. Each time the student would answer a question wrong, the teacher was forced to shock shocked....
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