Some organizing questions

Some organizing questions - Some O rgan vrlngQuestions...

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Some O rgan vrlngQuestions Iiarlf irr rr1'rescarch I had thc grarrdiose iderr ol'devisiugn tirxon- orry of tlisprrtc.s, i* rr,lrich tlrc listirrg r*orrlcl [>e reasornbll, exhnrrs- ti'c rrr<l ilr rvlriclr ovcrlal>.s arrr'lrg categories rvoulcl lle rare.'Ilris r+,a.s llossible, I fourrtl, orrly alter developlng a lrost of abstrirct constrtrcts -nrrcl evcrr therr llre taxorro,rny wls not very trseful. For our pur- grose.s lrere, alrrl to give a llavor of tlre srveelr o,f lopics to be dis- cus:sctl, ir partial classificatiou rvill be sufficien.t. lve'll do this by i<lerr'ti[yirrg the ir'p'rtarrt ch.racter.istics of each type of disprrte. i\ltll'fllEltlj iltOIltr THAN T\VO pAn].IES? 'l'hcre i.s a f i1r1 diffcrcrrcc bet*,ee. corrflicts involvi'g hvo disp'- ta^ts arrtl those irrvolving urore tharr Irvo disputalrt.s. once three or nrore colrflictirrg partics arc iDvolvccl, coaliliolrs of tlisprrtarrts nlay I''rr' arrtl rr.y act i' co'ccrt agairrst the other clisputants. withorrt arrf irrteuliorr o[ beirg fi'ivolr.rrs, urarr;, *,riters tirlk abotrt a conllict sitrrati'on (l;e it ec'n,rlic, p'litical, or nrilitary) as a'.ganre,,, the dis- prrtarrts ts "pln1'ers of tlre girrne," nrrd s.trtrtegic irnalysis as ..garrre thcoly." (larrre rhcorists ha'c lorrg r.acre ir rlistirrctiolr'b"t.v"erri.vo- l)er.son gnn)es arxl lrraily-1)er,\or) gaDle.s, rvhcre "nrany" is inter- prelecl ils gre*ter tlrnrr trvo. The Larv of the sea is ore
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Some organizing questions - Some O rgan vrlngQuestions...

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