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Chapter 11 Handout

Chapter 11 Handout - HO#10 Ch 11 Payroll Liabilities...

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HO #10 Payroll Liabilities Ch. 11 Accounting for Payroll revolves around two journal entries: 1) Recording employer wage expense and employee withholdings. 2) Recording employer payroll tax expense. 1. Employer Wage Expense & Employee Withholdings Gross Wages = total compensation earned by employee during the period. Net Wages = Amount of cash actually received (or due) to employees. Gross Wages minus Net Wages = Payroll deductions a) FICA Taxes - Provides workers with retirement and medical benefits. FICA taxes are generally 7.65% of employee wages. 6.2% Social Security 1.45% Medicare b) Employee's Income Taxes - Employers are required to withhold employee income taxes. Federal taxes State taxes Local taxes c) Other Withholdings Union dues charitable contributions (e.g., United Way) Medical insurance premiums Parking fees Contributory pension plans 2. Employer Payroll Tax Expense a) FICA - Employer must match the FICA taxes paid by the employee.
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