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&magicnumber=25&category1=Definitions &category2=Fill in blanks &category3=True or False &category4=Calculations &category5=Open Ended&question1=Resources a business owns&question2=Inventory costing method that assumes the costs of the latest units purchased are the first to be allocated to the cost of goods sold.&question3=Claims that are expected to be collected in cash&question4=The allocation of the cost of a natural resource to expense in a rational and systematic manner over the resource's useful life.&question5=The allocation of th cost of an intangible asset to expense over its useful life in a systematic and rational manner.&question6=Mechanical and electronic controls include. ...the dividends account while credits. ..the dividends account&question8=The post closing trial balance contains only. ...&question10=Using the straight-line method, depreciation expense is calculated with the formula. ..&question11=True or False Revenues received in advance of the accounting period in which they are earned are
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Round Four -...

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