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&magicnumber=25&category1=Chapter 11&category2=Chaper 12&category3=Chapter 13&category4=Chapter 14 &category5=Random Chapter &question1=Retailer collects tax from customer&question2=A debt the company reasonably expects to pay within one year or the operating cycling, whichever is longer.&question3=A form of interest bearing notes payable issued by corporations, universities, and governmental entities.&question4=Current assets minus Current liabilities &question5=A solvency measure that indicates a company's ability to meet interest payments; computed by dividing income before income taxes and interest expense by interest expense &question6=Number of shares issued to stockholders.&question7=Number of shares in the hands of stockholders. &question8=Number of shares that the corporation is authorized to sell &question9=Total amount of cash and other assets paid in to the corporation by stockholders in exchange for capital stock&question10=Amount per share assigned to common stock, and is typically well below the market price per share&question11=Investments in government and corporation
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