Round Three

Round Three - &magicnumber=25&category1=Chapter...

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&magicnumber=25&category1=Chapter 11&category2=Chapter 12 &category3=Chapter 13 &category4=Chapter 14&category5=Random Chapter &question1=If the market interest rate is greater than the contractual interest rate, bonds will sell A. at a premium B. at face value C. at a discount D. contractual rate&question2=The market interest rate is often called the A. stated rate B. effective rate C. coupon rate D. contractual rate&question3=Premium on Bonds Payable A. has a debit balance B. is a contra account C. is considered to be a reduction in the cost of borrowing D. is deducted from bonds payable on the balance sheet&question4=Unearned Rental Revenue is A. a contra account to Rental Revenue B. a revenue account C. reported as a current liability D. debited when rent is recieved in advance&question5=Which of the following is usually not an accrued liability? A. Interest Payable B. Wages Payable C. Taxes Payable D. Notes Payable&question6=The ability of a corporation to obtain capital is A. enhanced because of limited liability and ease of share transferability. B. less than a partnership. C. restricted because of the limited life of the corporation D. about the same as a partnership&question7=Treasury stock is A. stock issued by the U.S. Treasury Department B.stock purchased by a corporation and held as an investment in its treasury C. a corporation's own stock which has been reacquired but not canceled&question8=If a corporation has only one class of stock, it is referred to as A. classless stock B. preferred stock C. solitary stock D. common stock &question9=Which of the following represents the largest number of common shares? A. treasury shares
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Round Three - &magicnumber=25&category1=Chapter...

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