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Priya Patel Introduction to Financial Accounting Stock Market Extra Credit Investment Strategies: 1. Buy stocks that are growing at a slow rate because typically the stocks which rapidly grow hit a time where they slow down, leading to a quick decline in their stocks. 2. At this time, the economy is unpredictable, therefore I’m not going to be quick to buy or sell stocks even if my stock is down, the next day it could be up, it takes more then a couple of days of observation to see if you should buy or sell. Thus my investment strategy is to buy and hold. 3. Since the economy has not been great, I would like to buy stocks primarily from
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Unformatted text preview: larger companies because they are well equipped to handle economic burdens, smaller companies may be too but the larger companies must have survived in the past to have become what they are today. 4. Hunt for stocks that are selling at an attractive price even if they are worth more. Stock Picks: 1. Bought 400 stocks of QQQQ 2. Bought 200 stocks of GS 3. Bought 500 stocks of WFC 4. Bought 1,500 stocks of UYG 5. Bought 900 stocks of URE 6. Bought 500 stocks of UYM 7. Sold 400 stocks of WFC 8. Sold 700 stocks of URE 9. Sold 300 stocks of UYM 10. Bought 50 stocks of GOOG...
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