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THAILAND - THAILAND Relationships They prefer doing...

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Unformatted text preview: THAILAND Relationships They prefer doing business with people they respect. Relationships develop slowly, it takes several meetings before a solid relationship is formed. The eldest person in the group is the most respected. Communication ▪ Nonverbal Communication is often more important than verbal communication. ▪ When doing business in Thailand, be aware of your body language and facial expressions because they will be more important than what you say. Business Meeting Etiquette ●It is important to send a list of the people It attending and their status so they can plan ahead ●Being on time for a meeting shows respect. Being ●Remain standing until you are told to be Remain seated Dress Etiquette ◊ Dress conservative Dress ◊ Clothing consists of dark colors ◊ Make sure shoes are highly polished because you will be judged on your appearance at a business meeting appearance Business Cards Business cards are given at the first Business handshake handshake The business card should be in English but The also have a translation on the back. also It is polite to make a comment about the It business card when you first receive it. business ...
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