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FIN324 LT Wk2 - shows all of the company’s assets equity...

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Brandon McKinley Both Intel and AMD are two of the largest competitors in the computer processor world. Each organization is pushing the technology envelope to advance the world of processors. “Even with the recent gains, AMD holds only 12.1% of the global microprocessor market, compared with Intel’s 80.6%” (Network World, 2010). Intel and AMD both use standard financial statements for their reporting. Income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements are utilized by both companies. The income statements are used to show profits and losses within the organization. The income sheet provides a summary of all the revenues and expenses of the company over a specific period of time. The company’s use these statements to track trends in their budget to see where they are under or below budget. The trends that are track able by Intel and AMD are increases in product sales, returns or the overall goods sold in relation to the percentage of sales. Balance sheets are used to show a list of all the balances of the company. The balance sheet
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Unformatted text preview: shows all of the company’s assets, equity, and liabilities for the fiscal year. It is a quick snap shot that allows the company to share with their stakeholders their financial health and wellbeing. This report shows a single point in time, for example during the end of year reporting and shows the company’s overall net worth. The cash flow statement takes a deeper dive into the balance sheet. The statement will show a detailed list of all the changes that take place on the balance sheet. All the changes will be broken down into investments, operations, and financial activities. The report is a good way for the company to review what short term funds that are available and viable for the organization. References Brodkin, John. 2010. Network World: Intel vs AMD. Retrieved on October 10, 2010. From: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2010/060710-tech-argument-amd-intel.html...
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FIN324 LT Wk2 - shows all of the company’s assets equity...

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