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NOTE: almost anything from the powerpoints is fair game. Please do not use the study guides as your only guide. What are the main ingredients in absinthe? Thujone Anethole Ethanol Chlorophyll How is alpha-thujone metabolized in the body? Via cytochrome P450. Less active metabolites. What have been some of the effects of absinthe? Potent buzz/intense awareness Fits and hallucinations Made psychoses worse Contributed to suicides What is the antidote? Diazepam What is wormwood oil used for, medically? People with loss of appetite/dyspeptic disorders/liver and gallbladder complaints What is beta-thujone’s relationship to alpha-thujone? Less active than alpha, although may be in higher quantities In what other products is alpha-thujone found?
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Vermouth, chartreuse, benedictine
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Unformatted text preview: How does alpha-thujone work? Blocks the GABA receptor, so chloride does not come into the neuron. Chloride inhibits the neuron. By stopping chloride, a-thujone acts as a stimulant. Are there insecticides that do the same thing? Yes, many act the same way. For example, fipronil, endosulfan, and lindane What are some toxic impurities that can be found in liquor? Methanol (can make you blind), formaldehyde How many chemicals can be in a perfume? Up to 600. If you wanted to, could you look up the ingredients in your average perfume? No, these are considered “trade secrets”. The company does not release what is in the perfume. Have most of the chemicals in a perfume been tested for toxicity? No....
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absinthe+questions+and+answers - How does alpha-thujone...

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