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DDT Lecture Before DDT, what were some ways to control pests? Arsenic, lead, nicotine, pyrethrum, rotenone Which of the following does NOT accurately describe DDT toxicity in humans? a) Accumulation in fatty tissues b) Generally acknowledged as a carcinogen c) Effects on liver from diet d) Fatal acute toxicity Answer: D Who was the famed scientist who led the campaign against DDT? a) Othmar Zeidler b) Rachel Carson c) Paul Müller d) Alice Hamilton e) none of the above Answer: B She wrote a book called Silent Spring which brought environmental concerns to the attention of a large portion of the American public. Carson and her book spurred a reversal in national pesticide policy, leading to a nationwide ban on DDT and other pesticides. At what temperatures does DDT work best? A. High temperatures B. Low temperatures C. Both but not temperatures in the middle D. Any temperature Answer: B Which of the following organisms are said to be sensitive to the toxic effects of DDT? a) Mice, caterpillars b) Birds, fish, cats c) Geckos, algae, rats Answer: b Why is DDT considered the most important insecticide? It was broadly used, highly effective for insect-transmitted diseases and agriculture, was the most economical, and helped define safety criteria. Why was the use of DDT brought back after it was banned?
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A: To control malaria in Africa (used on walls of huts) Is DDT hydrophilic? A: No! What enzyme can insects have to detoxify the DDT in their bodies? A: dehydrochlorinase enzyme What can happen to ecosystems if DDT is used? A: Can disrupt ecosystem.
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Studyquestionslectures123answers - DDT Lecture Before DDT...

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