USE FOR SECOND MIDTERM - FORM A Number grade: _ Letter...

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FORM A Number grade: ___________ Name: __________________ Letter grade : ___________ SID: ___________________ NST 11 Second Quiz Questions Thursday April 14, 2009 36 questions Pick the single best answer (A, B, C or D)—Be sure to read the questions carefully! (1) Mosquitoes developed resistance to DDT because: A. It tasted bad. B. The sensitive ones died and the tolerant ones survived in a repeated cycle of selection. C. It tasted good. D. Only children are susceptible to malaria. (2) Rachel Carson wanted DDT banned because: A. It was too expensive. B. It was no longer effective for pest control. C. It accumulated through food chains to poison fish and birds. D. It killed people. (3) Malaria-transmitting mosquitoes were essentially eradicated from Italy in 1946-1949 by: A. Montrose Chemical B. DDT C. Paul Müller D. Pyrethrum (4) Which statement is not true relative to DDT? A. It is soluble in fat. B. It is toxic to fish. C. It is poorly biodegradable. D. It is unstable in light. (5) A botanical insecticide is different than a synthetic organic insecticide in the following way: A. It is toxic to plants. B. It contains chlorine and fluorine. C. It is more potent. D. It was present in a plant. (6) Pyrethrum is generally considered to be safe because it is: A. an alkaloid- containing nitrogen B. natural and degradable C. synthetic and potent D. very stable to light and air 1
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FORM A (7) Organic food is certified to contain none of the following : A. pyrethrum B. Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria C. copper pesticides D. DDT (8) Synthetic pyrethroids meet all of the following criteria except one (which one is not true )? A. are structurally similar to pyrethrum constituents which are still used B. replaced DDT in most of its uses. C. cannot be used on organic foods.
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USE FOR SECOND MIDTERM - FORM A Number grade: _ Letter...

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