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Corrections to and Comments on the Practice Midterm Comments on the Exam This practice midterm included problems that were used before we decided not to allow calculators. If you need the sin or cos of an angle, it will be provided. Also, you may leave expressions in a mathematical form that is not simplified. So answers such as 3 2 or (7 - 47 / 3) will receive full credit. For Part II of the exam, if you can’t get through the math, write out the equations. You will get substantial partial credit if the only thing missing is the final algrebra to get a numeric expression. If you don’t understand what a problem is asking or if you think information is missing, please raise your hand and someone will
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Unformatted text preview: come by to answer your question. Corrections to the Practice Exam Part I question 3: Both d and e are correct answers (eg are NOT units of acceleration) Part I question 9: None of the answers is correct. The right answer is 1000 g 100 m/s. Part I question 10: The units of course should be m/s 2 . Part II question 1: Assume that + j is upwards. Also, the answer here doesnt simplify well. This is because in the old days we allowed calculators. The picture and the text dont agree. One says 40 and the other says 45 . Use 45 . Also, please change the mass of m 2 to be m 2 = 20 kg. Note: you may approximate g = 10 m/s 2 . 1...
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