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Physics 8A Review Problems for Midterm 1 February 24, 2011 1 Problem 1 A subway train is traveling at 80 km/h when it approaches a slower train 50 m ahead traveling in the same direction at 25 km/h. If the faster train begins decelerating at 2.1 m/s 2 while the slower train continues at constant speed, how soon and at what relative speed will they collide? 2 Problem 2 You toss a chocolate bar to your hiking companian located 8.6 m up a 39 o slope. Determine the initial velocity vector so that the chocolate bar will reach your friend moving horizontally (i.e. there is only the horizonal velocity when the bar reaches your companian). 3 Problem 3 A block is projected up an incline making an angle θ with the horizontal. It returns to
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Unformatted text preview: its initial position with half its initial speed. Show that the coe±cient of kinetic friction is μ k = 3 5 tan θ . 4 Problem 4 A bug lands on top of the frictionless, spherical head of a bald man. It begins to slide down his head. Show that the bug leaves the head when it dropped a vertical distance one-third the radius of the head. 1 Physics 8A: Midterm 1 Review 2 5 Probelm 5 A bug slide back and forth in a bowl 11 cm deep, starting from rest at the top. The bowl is frictionless except for a 1.5-cm-wide sticky path on its Fat bottom, where the coe±cient of friction is 0.61. How many times does the bug cross the sticky region?...
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Saturday+_2-26_+Review+Session+Questions - its initial...

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