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February 7, 2011. PMB40 : 1 st mid-term possible exam questions. There will be 20 multiple-choice questions on parts of the cell and flower, moncots and dicots, plus vocabulary from lectures from first 4 weeks of class. You will need to write answers to 8 out of 10 possible short questions, such as: Photosynthesis: Priestley did an experiment with mice and plants. What did he do? What did he conclude? How did life on earth begin? (Check out slide on a “very, very, very brief history of life”). Summarize what happens in the light dependent and light independent (dark) reactions of photosynthesis, and where they occur. Engelmann did a very simple experiment to show that chloroplasts absorb red and blue light. What was this experiment? Global Warming: What is the “greenhouse” effect and how does it cause temperatures to rise? Diagram and explain the greenhouse effect and how does melting of the polar ice caps contribute to global warming? What is “albedo”. What are the major greenhouse gases? Where do they come form? How might they be reduced? What are some of the effects of global warming? Name and discuss 5.
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ist+mid-term+possible+exam+questions - February 7, 2011....

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