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PMB 40: Possible questions for second midterm, Spring 2011. 1. Charles Darwin did a very simple experiment to show that there was “something” at the tip of the coleoptile (the protective sheath covering the emerging shoot of monocots) that caused it to bend towards light. Describe this simple experiment. 2. Describe the experiment and the bioassay used to demonstrate the direction of auxin movement. 3. Define “apical dominance”. What happens when the apex of a plant is removed? Why causes the plant to respond this way? 4. Explain the molecular bases for polar auxin transport. 5. Say you have a piece of plant tissue. Place it on 3 different ratios of auxin to cytokinin. Make up some auxin to cytokinin ratios and then say what the plant tissue looks like when grown on these different ratios of auxin and cytokinin. 6. Compare the functions of abscisic acid versus gibberllic acid. 7. What 2 factors were responsible for the “Green Revolution” in wheat?
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