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Hints for HW1 1. You can find the official solutions for the 2 first questions here: You can also find the test cases here: (Generally, for the southwestern competition you can find everything you'll need at http://swerc.eu ). 2. You can find the test cases for the 2 last questions here: http://www.acm.ro/prob/ACMproblems2010.zip (Generally, for the southeastern competition you can find the test cases at http://www.acm.ro ).
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Unformatted text preview: 3. In question 4819 (Problemsetting): think about using max flow. In question 4822 (Cosmic Station): iteratively add the leaves one by one. Given the distances of a leaf from 2 leaves, you know where on the chain between these 2 leaves the new leaf will be connected. Now, think about what you need to do when you're adding the n'th leaf. Question 4822 is easier to program than 4819, so consider that when you're solving them. 4. If you're having any problems with this HW, don't be afraid to email me....
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