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HW1 Solutions 1. In 1995, the IBM AS/400 line of computers transitioned from a CISC instruction set to a RISC instruction set. Due to the simpler instruction set, the realizable clock frequency for a given technology generation and the CPI metric improved dramatically. However, for the same reason, the number of instructions per program also increased noticeably. Given the following parameters, compute the total performance improvement that occurred with this transition. Furthermore, compute the break-even clock frequency, break-even cycles per instruction, and break-even code expansion ratios for this transition, assuming the other two factors are held constant. Total performance improvement: TPP IMPI = 1000 IPP x 7 CPI x 1/50MHz = 140us TPP PowerPC = 3300 IPP x 2.8 CPI x 1/150MHz = 61.6us Speedup = 140/61.6 = 2.27 or 127% Frequency breakeven: 7000/50 = 9240/50y => y = 9240/7000 = 1.32 CPI breakeven: 7000/50 = 23100y/150 => y = 21000/23100 = 0.91 IPP breakeven: 7000/50 = 2800y/150 => y = 21000/2800 = 7.5 Therefore, gaining 32% in frequency, or reducing CPI by 9%, or increasing pathlength by no more than 7.5x (all in isolation) would all have provided constant performance across the IMPI-to-PowerPC transition. 2. A program’s run time is determined by the product of instructions per program, cycles per instruction, and clock frequency. Assume the following instruction mix for a MIPS-like RISC instruction set: 15% stores, 25% loads, 15% branches, and 30% integer arithmetic, 5% integer shift, and 5% integer multiply. Given that stores require one cycle, load instructions require two cycles, branches require four cycles, integer ALU instructions require one cycle, and integer multiplies require ten cycles, compute the overall CPI. Performance Factor
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hw1_solution - HW1 Solutions 1. In 1995, the IBM AS/400...

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