hw2-sol - [SOLUTION] HW2:SQL CIS330 Due: Feb. 8th, 2011...

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HW2:SQL CIS330 Due: Feb. 8th, 2011 This problem set involves using the relational database system Oracle, which is available on eniac. The query language for this system is SQL. Instructions for creating an Oracle account and starting the Oracle command-line interpreter, sqlplus, are available on the Oracle/SQL/Java Resources’ section of the course website. Queries must be terminated with a semi-colon (‘;’). Note that Oracle is completely case insensitive . Use ‘exit’ to end your session. When you make modifications to a database instance (for example, by inserting or deleting tuples from a table), make sure you commit by typing ’commit’ command on the prompt line or else your modifications may not be reflected in the database. The database you will use for this part of the homework models information about a global company database system consisting of the following tables: Employees( empNo , empName, job, supervisor, salary, commission, deptNo) Departments( deptNo , deptName, location) The instance for the database you will use for this homework is shown at the end of this handout as a reference. You will create your own Oracle instance using the script provided on the course web site. Just download the script to your account, and run sqlplus. After running the sqlplus, append the ‘@’ symbol in front of the script name you downloaded. For example, SQL>@hw2.sql; This will automatically run the script to create the tables and populate them with the instance shown; this is your own private database instance, you can feel free to make modifications to it without interfering with others in the class. For each part of each question, please provide a transcript of part of a sqlplus session that shows your SQL query and the system’s response. This can be accomplished simply by copying and pasting from your terminal window. Please submit concise answers by only showing relevant sections of your session, with typos and other errors removed. Unless stated otherwise, duplicates should always be eliminated. 1
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hw2-sol - [SOLUTION] HW2:SQL CIS330 Due: Feb. 8th, 2011...

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