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Summer Phillips Lex 280 – 01 Test #2 – Study Guide Book IV – Other Moral Virtues i. ” Liberality: the right attitude towards money” – Liberality – The right attitude towards money; it seems to be the intermediate disposition with regard to money. - A person is praised as liberal with regard to the giving and receiving of money – more particularly in the giving of it (‘money’ meaning everything of which the value is measured in terms of some currency). - It is more the mark of the liberal man to give to the right people than to receive from the right people, or not to receive from the wrong people; because virtue consists more in doing good than in receiving it, and more in doing fine actions
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Unformatted text preview: than in refraining from disgraceful ones. o Also it is easier not to take than to give; for people are less inclined to give up what is their own than not to take what belongs to somebody else. Prodigality – Excess in regards to money: to squander money. ‘Prodigal’ means a person who has one definite vice, that of wasting his substance; because a prodigal man is one who is ruined by himself, and the wasting of a man’s property is considered to be a sort of self-destruction, on the ground that his possessions are the source of his livelihood. Illiberality – Deficiency in regards to money: take money too seriously....
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