Lex 211 Practice Mod. 3 Test

Lex 211 Practice Mod. 3 Test - c. DTHE/REWI standards d....

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Summer Phillips Lex 211 – Hy1 Practice Test Module 3 Practice Test 1. Every deed, mortgage, lease, easement, or other document that deals with land must state what? a. All physical improvements on the land in relation to the boundary lines of the land b. The exact size and location of the land according to an established system of land description c. The length of the property boundary line d. The name and age of the land surveyor 2. T/F The word survey is derived from an old English word meaning “to look over”. 3. Who has the duty of preparing a written legal description locating and identifying the property’s boundaries as shown on the survey? a. The surveyor b. The attorney c. The purchaser d. The legal assistant 4. T/F Land surveyors are generally licensed by the state and must pass certain examinations for competency. 5. What are the standards that most surveyors prepare surveys based on? a. ALTA/ACSM standards b. ALTA/ASCM standards
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Unformatted text preview: c. DTHE/REWI standards d. Principal standards 6. T/F The distance is the direction in which the boundary line travels, and the course is the length of the boundary line. 7. T/F All property can be measured in straight lines, and many times a metes and bounds description involves a curved land boundary. 8. T/F For the legal description to be correct, the land being described must in fact appear as designated in the brief reference. 9. T/F An angle runs from the last described course and is either interior (inside the property boundary) or exterior (outside the property boundary). 10. The ____________________ requirements generally provide that improvements must be located a certain distance from the street or from the boundary of the property. a. Zoning b. Location c. Setback line d. Real estate Module 3 Practice Test Answer Key 1. B 2. F 3. D 4. T 5. A 6. F 7. F 8. T 9. T 10. C...
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Lex 211 Practice Mod. 3 Test - c. DTHE/REWI standards d....

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