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Lex 160 Book Report

Lex 160 Book Report - Summer Phillips Lex 160 Net Book...

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Summer Phillips Lex 160 – Net Book Report The Pelican Brief By John Grisham “The Great Cover-up of the Louisiana Wetlands” The Pelican Brief is a novel about one of the biggest cover-ups ever. It starts off with the murders of two of the Supreme Court Justices, both in the same night. The first of the two that were killed was Justice Abraham Rosenberg who was the oldest of all the Supreme Court Justices at the ripe age of 91. Out of all of the Justices he was by far the most liberal and also the most hated. The second Justice that was killed was Glenn Jenson and happened to be the youngest of the Justices. Jenson also happened to be the most conservative. The fact that he was gay and killed in a gay pornography film theater did not please the Supreme Court, much less the President. It was not obvious why these two men out of all of the Justices had been the ones chosen to be assassinated. Rosenberg was soon approaching death by natural causes and Jenson never seemed to ruffle too many feathers. The Chief of Staff, Fletcher Coal, who actually seems to be the one in charge, is the one who gives the President the news about the murders. Coal says to the President that this is the “perfect crisis”. He was coming up for reelection and this would help his poll numbers and he could appoint two new Justices of his choosing. The President and Coal meet with the head of the FBI, Denton Voyles, and the head of the CIA, Robert Gminski, and they explain to the President the only reason they can come up with for the murders was that these two men were the least cooperative with the security.
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Thomas Callahan was a professor at Tulane Law School and greatly admired Rosenberg. Darby Shaw is one of his students and also happens to be his lover. They were lying in bed the morning they learned of the two murders. Callahan goes into a depression and cancels his classes for the rest of the week and goes on a drinking binge.
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Lex 160 Book Report - Summer Phillips Lex 160 Net Book...

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