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artist paper - de Zarraga 1 Manuel de Zarraga April 7, 2011...

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de Zarraga 1 Manuel de Zarraga April 7, 2011 MUSL 153 – History of Rock Music Gunderman Darryl Worley Concert I was lucky enough to attend a concert by Darryl Worley in Oxford, Mississippi at a fraternity house last Friday April first . I had never heard of him before the concert but my friends who were taking me to see him were big fans of his . Before the concert my friends told me that they liked Worley due to his lyrics and country style rhythm . I made sure to pay special attention to both of these during the concert. It was quite a memorable concert that I enjoyed a great deal. What most caught my attention was Worley’s final song “Have You Forgotten,” which reminded me of a song that would have been typical during the sixties folk revival period due to its heavy political message . Despite having primarily a country feel to many songs, there was characteristics of Rock in Worley’s music such as a raw playing style and songs with meaning similar to songs in Rock’s early Folk music era . Being from Miami, I had never been exposed to an artist like Daryl Worley and was not sure what to expect from him . I took time to pay special attention to his lyrics based on my friend’s recommendation and they did not disappoint me . Every song had its own unique message either intended to make the audience aware of something or intended to influence the audience to support a particular viewpoint . Many songs had a country feel characterized by the guitar rhythm and the southern accent of Worley. The venue was a large fraternity house,
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de Zarraga 2 but operated like a normal concert . For example, people who were not members bought tickets to attend. There was a professional stage set up in courtyard of the house that even included an
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artist paper - de Zarraga 1 Manuel de Zarraga April 7, 2011...

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