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Notes on Spring 2011 final exam-3 - NOTES ON THE FINAL EXAM...

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NOTES ON THE FINAL EXAM MUSL 153 – History of Rock Prof. Jen Gunderman Spring 2011 Semester Dear Students, I wanted to write and clarify some information about the content of the MUSL 153 Final Exam, which will be given twice: Saturday, April 30, noon-2pm Thursday, May 5, 9-11am First of all, do not assume that the same version of the exam will be given on both of these dates. Secondly, I’m still running behind on my lectures, so there will be edits made to the syllabus. If I don’t get to the material during our final classes, it will NOT appear on the final exam. Watch OAK and your email inbox for details. The final exam will be structured in three parts. The Part I (Listening) and Part II (Short Answer) portions will NOT be cumulative, but will cover material we’ve discussed since Test 2. Both of these sections will be similar to those from previous tests this semester. Part III will consist of a longer essay in which you will analyze statements made in the final chapter of your Stuessy/Lipscomb textbook. This essay will be the cumulative portion of your exam, since you will be expected to take a broader, “big picture” view of rock music history in your analysis. One of Stuessy/Lipscomb’s eight Basic Statements will appear on your Final Exam (you don’t get to choose which one you address). For your convenience, I’ve listed the statements below, along with some questions and ideas to help you begin to organize your thoughts (my bullet points are intended to be a jumping off point only). You don’t have to memorize the statements; the one you will be analyzing will be provided for you at the exam, although without any accompanying bullet points or information. Plan to organize your essay in two basic sections: In the first half, you will elaborate on the statement as the authors present it, citing
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This note was uploaded on 04/30/2011 for the course FNEC 140 taught by Professor Sanchez during the Spring '11 term at Columbia.

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Notes on Spring 2011 final exam-3 - NOTES ON THE FINAL EXAM...

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