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MUSL 153: TEST #1 POSSIBLE ESSAY QUESTIONS 1. Describe the shift in musical style which happened between the mid- to late-50s and early 1960s. What specific things happened to create this shift? The day the music dies marks in many ways the end of an era o Elvis presley-drafted o Little Richard –became a preacher o Chuck Berry – Legal trouble involving underage white girl o Jerry Lee Lewis – PR trouble (married his underage cousin) o Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, Big Booper – died in a plane crash o Eddie Cochran (died), Gene Vincent- Car Crash Many new “safe” white artists emerged o Paul Anka o Rise in vanilla versions (Pat Boone) Parents began to freak out over rock music o Got politicians involved through lobbying o Protests over music o Parents were against sexuality in songs 2. Who are the members of the “Million Dollar Quartet”, and what was their contribution to rock history? What was the name of the record label they were all signed to, and who ran that label? - The Million Dollar Quartet was composed of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash - Elvis Presley o maybe the most important figure in Rock and Roll history. o He fused country music with R&B. o He popularized rock and roll to a national level. o Showed people Rock was here to stay. o He had unprecedented commercial success. - Jerry Lee Lewis o Pianist who was heavily influenced by gospel and black bands o “the killer” - Carl Perkins o Musical style, especially guitar playing was a huge influence on later artists like the Beatles. - Johnny Cash - There collective biggest contribution was that they sent a message to America, an in your face, rock and roll is here to stay - They were signed to Sun Records of Memphis by Sam Phillips
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3. Describe the three musical traditions which were the roots of rock and roll, and
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