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31yrs, w/m, 8yrs service, rank = Sergeant, Education = 8 classes from BA in Criminal Justice Admin 2. Became a police officer to help others and my family is military/police background. a) found a lot more than I expected (lot harder than I thought it was) b) hard to explain - look up "Police Culture" 3. The constant negativity and unappreciated work. ....A retired Colonel did a paper titled "Sheep Dog" that was the perfect analogy I've seen on how the public views police officers and that's what you have to put up with on a daily basis. 4. The commradory with your fellow officers. The front row seat to all the exciting incidents. Actually having an opportunity to save someone's life and your training actually paid off. Knowing that few people can actually handle this job which puts you in a select category to be proud of. 5. That depends on the person. Some I would and some, absolutely not - that's why everyone usually has to take a psych eval prior to being hired (at least down here) Some people should never walk out of the house
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police paper2 - eng

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