Textbook notes for Exam 1

Textbook notes for Exam 1 - Textbook notes for Exam 1...

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Textbook notes for Exam 1 Chapter 1 – The World of Advertising and Integration Brand Promotion Scenario represents the challenges for brands to get there advertising out to the evolving technological consumers in new ways because it is a consumer controlled info world New smart ads o Video games are full of cyberscenery (about $1 billion of advertising) o Electronic video tablet on shopping carts telling you to swipe your loyalty card The store is alerted before checkout how much you spend Coupons pop up on items you can redeem immediately o Driving and cell phone alerts you of oil change specials as you pass a gas station Mass media are not dead o they are being supplemented and supported by smart ads and new ways to reach consumers no matter how much technology changes and evolves, it is still about the brand o we know what we like, but these ads are put in our face to open our eyes to the things we do like Advertising and product redesign are the key tools being used in revitalizing a brand Advertising is a business, and art form, an institution, and a cultural phenomenon o Adv means different thing to different people Some to create brand awareness and loyalty Some to bring people into a new store Some as a creative expression of a concept Truth about Adv lies between the extremes of hard hitting and powerful and boring and ineffective o Adv can be creative and entertaining and also annoying Adv is important o Shapes the way we experience and live our lives o Reflects the way that we see and think about things and ourselves o complex communication process o dynamic business process relied on by companies to build their brands key to organizations’ strategies to build awareness and preference for brands Definition of Advertising - a paid, mass-mediated attempt to persuade o Company that pays for the ad is the client or sponsor If it I not paid for than it is not advertising Public Service Announcements (PSA) are not advertising o 3 essential criteria to be an ad The communication must be paid for The communication must be delivered to an audience via mass media The communication must be attempting persuasion Difference between Trajan ad and Health Education Authority is that Trojan is paid for and HEA is a PSA and not paid for so it is not advertising Definition of IBP – (Integrated Brand Promotion) the process of using a wide range of promotional tools working together to create widespread brand exposure o four points about IBP First - a process Complicated and needs to be managed in an integrated fashion
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Second - uses a wide range of promotional tools that have to be carefully evaluated and scheduled Third - all of these tools need to work together Integrated to create a consistent and compelling impression of the brand Fourth - all of the advertising and promotional effort of the firm is designed to create widespread exposure for a brand
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Textbook notes for Exam 1 - Textbook notes for Exam 1...

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