Mike Shine Guest Lecture

Mike Shine Guest Lecture - ? SF Jazz o 2 nd Decade ?...

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Mike Shine Guest Lecture Trained as both art directors and writers ? Opened in San Francisco  o “interesting market to open up in” ? Create  a brief o Goes to creative board ? Natural soda brand—gives them first shot at making a campaign o Soho Soda ? Artificial vs. Natural ? New York City ? 18 years as an adgency o 1 st  Decade ? Video put together to get to know the employees of the agency ? Cartoon Network ? Northgate Mall ?      Low-budget, security cameras ? Spike Beer ? Gave beer different names that sounded like drugs to increase its  appeal ? Borders ? Used to be 3-5hundred thousand for an average commercial ? 112 spots for about 9,000$ each
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Unformatted text preview: ? SF Jazz o 2 nd Decade ? Converse ? Recently bought by Nike ? Never really did any advertising ? Undiscovered brand worn by famous people ? Had people make their own commercials about how Converse are represented in their lives ? Mini Covert ? A case study ? Decoder advertising that only owners of Minis could see through technology sent to owners. ? Lego ? Mini vs. Porsche ? Challenge Porsche to a race ? Big press ? BSSP Turns 15 ? Priceline ? Mini Cram it Avoided specific markets Continued to go after a widespread of brands...
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Mike Shine Guest Lecture - ? SF Jazz o 2 nd Decade ?...

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