Materialism - Best Lecture Ever

Materialism - Best Lecture Ever - Idea Spotting o Apple...

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Idea Spotting o Apple Egyptian revolution picture in NY times shows the apple computer as the main focus point of attention IBP campaign report o Ray ban’s “Never Hide” Dominating time square Campaign was web based and viral marketing approach Designed to generate buzz and conversation between users and consumers 4 web components Hired an Austin Musician Hired 5 film directors and asked them to shoot a short film about what they thought ray ban meant They posted a photo gallery where people could post their own photos with glasses on Lots of downloads of music and screen savers Very successful campaign Ads in Tokyo and Paris Also in Austin at South by Southwest and building art like everywhere in Austin o What kind of messages are coming from the ads? o Portrayal of women in advertising Women are portrayed in a demeaning manor as sex object and materialistic o Ads of our time is the richest display of our culture to people in the future and it shows that we are materialistic and sexist o Unhealthy: Image of female beauty Tall, skinny, well proportioned; not realistic Stereotype of women as sex objects Troubling for our generation because we are so easily swayed and are naïve The teen female often has self-esteem issues so they are susceptible to the
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Materialism - Best Lecture Ever - Idea Spotting o Apple...

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