Super Bowl - • o They do not use a script o They have the number one customer service over apple VW and other big names • Images and

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Super Bowl Commercials IBP Campaign Report Royal Caribbean Cruise Line o Only 4 market are targeted : NY, Chicago, Philly, Boston o Only aired in January and February o Keyed to weather: they only played it during bad weather o They started out on the Weather Channel o Elevator spots = 4 th screen o AOL’s travel area + sites o Excellent IBP example of a targeted and localized strategy “idea spotting” o “Shop the world, steal from the best!” L.L. Bean o Because it snowed here on the 4 th , L.L. Bean sent out a sale on all winter wear from the 4 th to the 6 th Mike Shine o Artist and advertising agent Marketing Concept o Number of companies truly adopt = tiny o 1.800 customer service #s e.g. o Conclusion: Most companies are not following the marketing concept
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Unformatted text preview: • o They do not use a script o They have the number one customer service over apple, VW, and other big names • Images and values conveyed by advertising o Mirror and influence Major part of popular culture Particularly true for certain members of society • The easily swayed, impressionable, naïve, etc. • $550 Billion o Media advertising • Brand images o Shapes our dreams, fantasies, concerns and interests in a very direct way o A mental image that reflects the way a brand is perceived including all the identification elements the product personality and the emotions and associations evoked in the mind of the consumer • Transformational advertising • In class experiment...
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